Arthur Morgan Award (Support/Service to the Community)


Melva is a Senior Manager at  NC Prevention Partners, where she has worked for 12 years. She assists hospitals and schools across the state, and now the nation, in improving their efforts to help employees and patients quit the use of tobacco, improve nutrition and become more physically active. She led the effort for all of the state's 124 acute care hospitals in becoming 100% tobacco-free campus-wide. In so doing, North Carolina became the first state to achieve this high mark. Working with a team of national experts, Melva developed a unique national web-based tool, the Patient Quit Tobacco System, to support hospitals in creating a comprehensive system approach to help patients quit the use of tobacco. She now works with hospitals across the nation, with a special emphasis on all New York City  and South Carolina hospitals. Her work was recently recognized by the NC Public Health Association when they awarded her with the Distinguished Service Award. A Carrboro resident, Okun completed her doctorate in public health and obtained a master's degree in instructional design from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She loves living in Carrboro, which is considered one of the top 100 communities in the nation for the arts. Several Antioch graduates are known to reside there. Melva is active in her community on local and international issues, and still considers herself a fighter for justice.



Amy Cohn Liss ’53
Administrator and academic advisor at NYU School of Continuing Education

Inez Smith Reid
Trustee of Antioch; attorney


J. Dudley “JD” Dawson
Longtime director of Cooperative Education, Antioch College


Charlotte A. Drake ’46
Director of Alumni Relations, Antioch College


Hardy W. Trolander ’47
One of the founders and later chairman of the Yellow Springs Instrument Company


Leo A. Drey 39 and Kay Drey
Pioneer Forest owners and tree conservators


George R. Geiger
Emeritus Professor of Humanities, Antioch College


Dorothy Mitzel Austin ’39
Community activist, consumer advocate and volunteer

Xarifa Sallume Bean ’31
A former Trustee (1980-87), Xarifa is co-founder (with Morris Bean ’30) of foundry Morris Bean & Co.


Emil Sekerak ’36
Education director of Consumers Cooperative of Berkeley, and relocation facilitator following World War II


The Lloyd Family
Philanthropists and peace advocates


Shirley Reinwald Johnson ’40
Learning disabilities educator


Virginia Hamilton Adoff ’57
Author of children’s books


James L. Grahl ’39
CEO, Basin Electric Power cooperative


Michael Spock ’59
Vice President for Public Programs at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago; Antioch biology professor


Nicholas Sabadosh ’34
Activist and lifetime community service volunteer


Suzanne Leseur Trostle 46
Community leader and volunteer


Paul Graham 52
VP Research, Vernay Laboratories; community volunteer


Lester Preston Lee Jr. 72
Cooperative Education Coordinator for Economics, Northeastern University; community volunteer


Judith “Jude” Filler 71
Professor, community activist and volunteer


Jean Butzen ’79
Executive Director of Lakefront Supportive Housing; community volunteer


Beverly Viemeister ’49
Trustee; community volunteer


Laura Jarrells Anderson ’52
Women’s health advocate; community volunteer


Irwin Abrams
Professor Emeritus, Antioch College. Established Department of History at Antioch, helped organize Antioch Education Abroad, andwas the Coordinator of International Programs for the Great Lakes Colleges Association; served as president of the International Society for Educational, Cultural, and Scientific Interchanges


Lillian Pierson Lovelace ’51
Philanthropist; Pierson Lovelace Foundation


Lee Morgan ’66
Chairman, the Antioch Co.


Barbara Winslow ’68
Professor, CUNY


Nikki Stein ’70
Executive director of the Polk Brothers Foundation, Chicago


The Antioch College Faculty and Staff
For courage under fire, and perseverance under duress


James Bolle 57
Dr. Bolle, the longtime music director of the New Hampshire Symphony Orchestra, in 1966 founded Monadnock Music. Through Monadnock, musicians and audiences are brought together in settings conducive to fluent communication and high enjoyment.


Sherry Hahn 78
During the war in Bosnia, she worked with the state dept. who in turn worked with the military, and organized the largest transport of humanitarian aid (medical supplies, etc). It landed in Bosnia during the middle of the war. Sherry then worked with locals to distribute the supplies. Following that, she worked with people in Boston to raise the awareness of the trafficking of women in Israel.


Nonstop faculty, staff and students
Nonstop Antioch is what alumni, students, staff and faculty dubbed the movement to keep Antioch College alive and operating in Yellow Springs when the University announced its intent to shutter the campus. Those students, faculty and staff remained committed to staying in Yellow Springs to teach, learn, and keep the Antioch spirit alive.


Suzanne Sonderegger de Berge ’65 
She is founder of Semillas para el Futuro (Seeds for the Future), a group working on behalf of indigenous people and preservation of Mayan sites and relics in Guatemala. Suzanne is also Treasurer of SMPAC (Southern Maya Project for Archaeology and Community).


Virginia Neal Thornthwaite ’47
Virginia and her husband, Fred Thorthwaite, were pioneers in co-operative communities, including Wyandotte Co-op and Cooperative Services, Inc.