J.D. Dawson Award (Support/Service to the College)


Carl D. Hyde enrolled at Antioch in 1944 and graduated in 1948. After graduating, he attended medical school in Cleveland and interned in Detroit. In 1955, he opened a medical practice and subsequently formed a long-lasting medical partnership with Antiochian Dr. Harry Berley. Lorena E. Hyde entered Antioch in 1945 and graduated in 1949. In her last div, she was a live-in baby-sitter for Walter and Dorothy Anderson and after graduating, she worked at a facility for children with special needs, a position that grew out of a co-op job. Carl and Lorena were married in the Cleveland Friends Meeting (Quakers) in 1950.  At Antioch, the couple took an active interest in race relations and efforts to achieve world peace. They settled in Yellow Springs in 1954, where they eventually raised four children. The couple has followed the ups and downs of the College with interest and concern, both as alumni and as village residents.



Roderic O’Connor ’28
Director of Food Services, Antioch College


George L. Crowell ’70
President Antioch College Alumni Board; associate dean of The Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University


Edwina Bookwalter Gantz ’36
Educator who promoted alternative education; she was a trustee of the Union for Experimenting Colleges and Universities, founded in 1964 as an education research and experimentation organization by Antioch College and about 30 other colleges; community volunteer

William Hooper ’49
Antioch Trustee; Hooper Construction


Robert L. Aller ’56
Antioch Trustee; Senior Vice President for Finance & Administration of the Loctite Corporation

Miriam Dickinson
Longtime beloved Antioch staffer

S. Burns Weston ’25
Antioch Trustee; attorney

Robert A. Levin ’42 and Kay W. Levin
Longtime Antioch Trustees; in 1975, Bob and Kay served jointly as Antioch College Administrators acting president


Theresa Black Carlson ’33
One of the first alums to help Antioch Admissions with recruiting


Walter Anderson
Antioch Professor of Music; community volunteer; concert pianist and composer; director of music programs at the National Endowment for the Arts


Irwin H. Inman ’41
Antioch publications editor and photographer


Malte von Matthiessen ’66
Antioch Trustee; Chairman of YSI Inc.


Richard A. Siegal ’51
Antioch Trustee; land developer


Evan R. Spalt ’34
Antioch Trustee; established Spalt International Center and Spalt Scholarship program; Vice-President and Director of Ortho Pharmaceutical Corp.


Gilbert Yager ’35
Community volunteer; founded Buffalo Metal Fabricating Corporation


Hadley Case 35
Antioch Trustee; Chairman, CEO & Director, Case, Pomeroy & Company


Daniel Hotaling 51
Antioch professor and College staffer


Georgia Lloyd 37
Philanthropist and peace advocate


Oliver Loud
Emeritus Professor of Physical Science, Antioch College


Nolan Miller
Emeritus Professor of Literature, Antioch College


Thomas Shelby ’28
Community volunteer and longtime Antioch supporter


Robert H. Devine ’67
Former President, Antioch College


Marcia Baum ’45
Efforts helped campus preservation


Robert Krinsky ’57
Trustee chairman, Antioch; chairman, Segal Co


Marcia Dugan ’53
Retired Director of Public Affairs, Rochester Institute of Technology


Jewel Graham
Emeritus Professor of Social Welfare and Legal Studies, Antioch College


Dave Goodwin ’54
College and Glen Helen campaign


Robert Parker
Antioch College Professor of Cooperative Education, Emeritus. He started teaching at Antioch in 1957. He was named Emeritus faculty in 1991.


Nina Myatt 53
Nina is Antiochiana Curator Emerita. For 35 years, her thorough and attentive reference supported the work of hundreds of scholars, dozens of significant books and articles, and several documentaries. Nina brought Antiochiana into the modern age, with the archives acquiring some its finest collections during her tenure.


Steve Schwerner 60
Antioch College professor and Dean of Students emeritus, he served on the Alumni Board as well as on the Antioch College Continuation Corp. His support, guidance and understanding of complex issues have been invaluable for decades.

Al Denman
Antioch emeritus professor of philosophy of law and religion, and an opinion leader in the Antioch community. A longtime faculty member and one of those once-in-a-lifetime teachers with his blend of law, religion and philosophy, he is a valued source of Yellow Springs and Antioch connections.  He has been closely involved with Glen Helen and area environmental concerns.


Scott Sanders
Antioch College archivist and curator of Antiochiana


Antioch Reunion Work Project Volunteer Work Group


Diane Chiddister
Diane is co-owner, editor and longtime reporter for the Yellow Springs News, noted for its extensive coverage of Antioch College.

Judith A. Hempfling
As President of Yellow Springs Village Council Judith has been involved in a number of issues in recent years, including the effort to revive Antioch College.