our Milestones

September 2012

    • North Hall Renovation Complete

In 2011, a $5.7 million renovation project was launched to incorporate modern and sustainable features suitable for student living in North Hall. It’s now on track to become the oldest building in the United States certified to LEED Gold standards. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

October 2012

    • Second Class of Horace Mann Fellows Arrives on Campus

Last fall we welcomed 74 more Horace Mann Fellowship recipients, bringing our total enrollment to 105 students. The fellowship gives our students the freedom to study, experience, and grow at Antioch and around the world.

November 2012

    • First Community Council Meeting Since Reopening

As always, the Comcil is composed of four student seats, two faculty seats, and two staff seats. It’s through this balance that we continue our tradition of shared governance.

December 2012

    • WYSO Agreement Announced

Antioch College announces it will purchase WYSO and the Kettering Building from Antioch University, eliminating the reversion clauses from the 2009 purchase agreement.

January 2013

    • Science Building Renovation

Just in time for the start of the winter quarter, Phase One of the Science Building renovations was completed. Phase Two of the renovation will cost an estimated $7.4 million.

    • Co-op Grant Received

The Ohio Board of Regents announced a $140,000 grant to the Antioch College– Ohio University agrarian co-op partnership to create 52 new co-op jobs in the agriculture and food industries.

February 2013

    • Glen Helen Conservation Effort Completed

Antioch College, The Trust for Public Land, and Tecumseh Land Trust executed a conservation easement that will permanently protect more than 500 acres of the Glen Helen Preserve.

March 2013

    • $1 Million Raised in Million Dollar March Match

Our generous alumni and friends rose to the occasion in our Million Dollar March Match. Through this initiative, every dollar donated to Antioch was matched by a few generous donors.

April 2013

    • Facebook Promotion

Since January 2012, the number of followers on Antioch College's Facebook page has grown 33.3% percent to 5,256 followers.

May 2013

    • Glen Helen Restoration Project

Glen Helen Land management staff and community volunteers completed the largest ecological restoration project in Glen Helen history, removing invasive honeysuckle from over 80 acres along the National Scenic Little Miami River.

June 2013

    • Health and Wellness Center

Construction began on the renovation of Antioch College’s Health and Wellness Center, the former Curl Gymnasium, located on the southwest end of campus. Contractors will rehab or reconfigure much of the interior of the 44,000-square-foot facility. Once complete, the Health and Wellness Center will include a fully equipped fitness center, racquetball courts, multi-purpose studio spaces, and a regulation-size indoor swimming pool. South Gym will continue to serve as a multi-use space and East Gym’s indoor basketball courts will be refurbished. Renovation should be completed by July 2014. The project will cost an estimated $8 million. The College intends to pursue LEED certification on the project.

July 2013 – A BIG MONTH

    • Acquisition of WYSO

The College finalized agreement to transfer ownership of WYSO from Antioch University to Antioch College. Also, this new agreement released Antioch University's reversion rights to campus real estate, Glen Helen, and the College's continuation fund.

    • North Hall and LEED Gold

North Hall, is awarded LEED Gold certification by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). The College completed a $5.7 million, state-of-the-art renovation project on the dormitory, which was constructed in 1853. North Hall is now one of the oldest buildings in the world to achieve LEED certification at any level in the new construction and major renovations LEED category, and the second oldest to achieve LEED Gold certification in the same category. Harvard’s Fay House is older (1807). We don’t have any buildings that old, otherwise we’d go for it.

    • Faculty Search

We completed searches for 11 new faculty members.

August 2013

    • Mock Visit

The College hosted a “mock” accreditation visit this week in preparation for a comprehensive evaluation visit for candidacy by the Higher Learning Commission in November. The reviewers—all academic and administrative leaders in peer liberal arts colleges—were impressed with the work that has been accomplished thus far. The visit also helped us understand the issues that require  additional attention in the coming months. Ground breaking for renovations of the Foundry Theater.

September 2013

    • Self-study Submission

The College submitted its “self-study” evaluating programs and operations to determine how well we are accomplishing our goals, fulfilling our mission, and meeting the standards of the Higher Learning Commission. This was a 14 months process and a central step in the accreditation process.

October 2013

    • Class of 2017

We welcomed 99 new students to the College.

November 2013

Candidacy for accreditation considered, as consultant-evaluators from the Higher Learning Commission visit campus.