Alumni Award Nominations

We welcome and encourage submissions for alumni award nominees. The Nominating Committee of the Alumni Board makes its recommendations to the full Alumni Board at the March meeting one year in advance of the Reunion at which the awards will be presented. For example, in March 2015, nominees for the 2016 awards are recommended. This process provides time for confidential contacts with the nominees so that they can arrange to be at the Reunion where the awards will be presented. The public announcement is made shortly before the Reunion at which the awards are to be presented.  Many of those not selected for awards during one cycle will be considered again in subsequent years by the Nominating Committee.

Use the form below to submit your nomination.  After you completely fill out the form and hit the "submit" button, you will receive an automatically generated email that thanks you and confirms your nomination. If you do not receive this confirmation email, please try again. If that fails, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at