September 8-11, 2016

The theme for Reunion 2016 is to celebrate the vibrant history and current curricular offerings in theater and performance. We also celebrate the re-opening of the Foundry Theater (formerly known as the Antioch Area Theater) and aim to finalize the third phase of renovation. The larger context for the theater’s rebirth is Antioch’s revival as a liberal arts college independent of Antioch University. Tom Manley, Antioch’s new president, calls this revival “one of the most extraordinary stories in higher education” and “a stupendous achievement.” He added, “If I were to design a college to face the challenges and enormous problems of our world today, it would look a lot like Antioch: serving students and serving the world.”
At Reunion, you will have an opportunity to meet President Manley; tour reborn campus facilities; hear updates on this astonishing saga and meet current students, staff, and faculty. We look forward to seeing you! 

Paula Treichler ’65 & Penny Storm ’65
Alumni Association Board Reunion Committee Co-Chairs



Antioch College Reunion is a remarkable affair because of the alumni who return to showcase their work, celebrate each other’s talents and accomplishments, and share their passions. This year’s theme of Theater and Performance is a time for dancers, poets, musicians, actors and performers to showcase your work and run workshops. We are still a tiny, but mighty, college without the resources to put on full-scale productions. We are looking for voice, dance, acting, performance art, circus and other hands-on workshops and panel discussions. We are also looking for individuals or groups to perform!  Performers are requested to cover all travel arrangements. In appreciation for your time and talent you will receive two all-inclusive registrations to Reunion. We are also open to talking and brainstorming other ways to make your art happen at Reunion 2016. Please email us at

Cabaret Horace

Come make Horace proud….or make him turn in his grave…with delight! COME PERFORM 5 MINUTES OF WHATEVER IT IS YOU DO BEST! You might show a spanking new work or something old and beloved from your vast performance archives. Maybe even something improvisational? It could be wildly experimental or a work that comes out of a well-honed tradition. Could be a solo or group work. Whatever you present, think minimal (read “zero”) set-up and strike time. Everything is fair game…so be brave.

Please email us at

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