Alumni Recruitment Team (ART)

The Antioch College Alumni Recruitment Team (ART) is a program offered by the Office of Admission & Financial Aid to further strengthens the College's recruitment program. As an alum, you have the opportunity to bring enthusiasm, experience, and your unique perspective to a new generation of prospective Antioch College students. Any investment of your time is a significant contribution and adds to the successful future of Antioch College and will be greatly appreciated by new students, future alums, their families, and your alma mater.

Ways to Help

ART offers a variety of options for its volunteers, depending on different interests and available time.  These exciting options include:

  • Prospective Student Referrals
    The Admission Office is constantly looking for prospective Antioch College students. As alums, you are familiar with our academic programs, our commitment to experiential learning through co-op and the value of community and shared governance on campus. But, if you are not don’t worry, we will train you. This allows you to be an excellent resource for recommending potential Antioch College students. Referring students to Antioch College is a way to help our Office of Admission & Financial Aid year round. 

  • Attending College Fairs
    Antioch College receives many invitations to college fairs throughout the year. Unfortunately, the admission staff cannot be present at all of these fairs. Alumni can help by representing Antioch College at college fairs that the admission staff is unable to attend. College fairs are normally held during the fall (September through November) and also during the spring (March through May). If interested, Antioch College alums are also more than welcome to join the admission representative at fairs held in your local communities.  Be assured that we will adequately prepare you for this task and know that this is a valuable contribution to the continued success of Antioch College.

  • Adopt a high school
    ART volunteers who have strong connections to their local high schools can assist by being a liaison between those high schools and Antioch College. Activities would include visiting the high school(s) to update recruitment materials and meet with prospective students, guidance counselors, teachers, and parents.

  • Phone Calls, E-mails, and Personal Notes
    Alumni can communicate with prospective students and their families throughout the admission process. Alumni can write e-mails, personal notes, or make phone calls to prospective students who have similar academic and career interests, who have been accepted to Antioch College, or who they met at a college fair. This activity adds a personal touch during the admission process and can also occur throughout the year.

  • Other Alumni Recruitment Team Opportunities
    As the Alumni Recruitment Team efforts expand, please check back with the admission office to learn about other exciting opportunities to help your alma mater! Some potential future projects may include work with scholarship dinners and regional accepted student receptions.

Interested in Getting Involved?

This is a call for applications from alumni who are willing to participate in a selection process and will not be upset if they are not selected; please know that your offer is appreciated even if we are not able to use your help at this exact time. Training information and materials will be provided.

To apply please send your name, address, email and phone number and message of interest to:

William Carter, Dean of Admission & Financial Aid
937.319.6082 ext. 2122

Selection of ART volunteers is at the sole discretion of the Admission staff.