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The 2016 Reunion Work Project Volunteers

Alumni and friends have a long history of volunteering for the College. For years, alumni have given their time, talents, and energy to work projects that accompanied the annual Alumni Reunion. In 2009, a group of alumni once again joined together to help bring the campus back to life. Today, these work projects don't just include maintenance tasks–they also include landscaping, gardening, and clerical work–and they happen four times a year! Click here to register now for the next Volunteer Work Project March 27-31, 2017

Mark your calendars for the upcoming work weeks in 2017
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March 27-31
Reunion/July 10-13

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Current Volunteers

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The Office of Alumni Relations is always looking for ways to engage alumni and friends as volunteers at the College who can help meet existing needs both through quarterly volunteer work projects and other one-time and ongoing opportunities. If you have a project that could use volunteers, please email the Office of Alumni Relations at alumni@antiochcollege.org.